Interview With The President of Capponi Group


It is development that lets me be creative and also involves me in revitalizing our beautiful Miami

In the early 90s Michael Capponi was the most celebrated party promoter on the beach. Even to this day, invitation to his parties are considered the hot-ticket item among the local trend-setters. However, Michael Capponi’s notoriety in Miami goes beyond haute functions. He is also a successful real estate developer and a noted philanthropist. Recently, Le CITY deluxe sat down for an interview with the famed CEO of Capponi group to find out about his vision for Miami and learn more about his charity work.

In your early years you started working in Miami’s nightlife scene, how did your interest shift towards real estate development?

Since I was a young promoter I was always intrigued by architecture and design. I remember Sylvester Stallone coming to my apartment when I was 20 years old at South Pointe towers and saying: “Wow, I’ve never seen a 20 year old with a place like this before.” I guess we’re all embedded with certain qualities and attributes. Mine were organizing events for large masses of people and creating beautiful homes and destinations for people to enjoy.

What is Capponi Group’s main focus?

I believe all the interests of Capponi Group are of equal importance and are all intertwined. Some of the businesses may obviously generate different levels of income but all exist because of each other. It is nightlife and events that allow me to not only entertain the town but also to get to know everyone. It is development that lets me be creative and also involves me in revitalizing our beautiful Miami homes. These two main careers are also the reason why I am able to go to for example Haiti 70 times since the earthquake and help others. If it weren’t for the ability to have city wide support and financial support too it would be very difficult to continually give aide and help to others. Our basic business model is similar to Virgin’s: ‘Create amazing companies and do the best you can in making the world better each day at a time by sharing and not only receiving.

Are you working on any development projects in Haiti?

I am only focused on my humanitarian efforts in Haiti now and not building anything there other than schools for now. I am also very involved with our community charities such as Miami Rescue Mission, Make-a-Wish Foundation and many others.

What is your vision for Miami and Miami Beach?

I have great faith and hope for Miami long term. I believe we will be the New York of the South East and every day we become closer to becoming one of the greatest cities in America.

What do you think is an up-and-coming area of Miami that we should have a close watch on? I think that the area south of the Fontainebleau to the W hotel will all get filled in and that will be the new hot zone.This area will have Ian Schrager’s Edition, Beach House 8, Faena. Moreover, there will be so many great new restaurants in the area that it will be like the new south of 5th street area. It will also give new importance to residential neighborhoods like Flamingo and Pine Tree, similarly to how the Purdy avenue developments gave new life to Sunset Islands 3, 4 and the Venetians.