When we plan to travel Asia, we might consider foremost the more known tourist attractions in Thailand, India and of course big cities like Hong Kong, Tokyo or Manila. We at City deluxe would like to invite you to broaden you horizon and consider a hidden gem and hence a bit of a hide away. It’s a place that sparks culture, tradition with excitement and attractions that will fill your travel journal with many stories to tell. Come along with us to Japan- more precisely Okinawa.

 Okinawa is the southernmost prefecture of Japan with Naha as its capital. It comprises hundreds of the Ryukyu Islands in a chain over 1,000 km extending from the south western of Japan’s main till Taiwan.

So get prepared to set out on an adventure of discovery that will excite, astound, and motivate you traveler. Okinawa, is one of Asia’s most blazing mystery travel destination. We invite you to join, Russian model and lover of the dance floor Maria who is one of a hand-picked group of seven explorers from seven nations that experience the excellence and miracle of this tropical heaven. Watch this episode that will tune you into the Okinawa way of life. As every one of the explorers in this episode (one of 7 great chapters)- Maria sets out to learn the magnificence of customary Ryukyu move. She attends a bingata kimono workshop, where she is enchanted by the striking, life-insisting colors of the fabrics, which differentiate delightfully with the moderate, planned elegance and control of the Ryukyu move. This is nothing like anything she has ever seen. The young ladies in the gathering are tested to take in a stunning routine and perform it wearing conventional kimonos for the gentlemen at a castle surrounding in beautiful style!


Enjoy also the rest of the episodes with seven masters from seven separate nations hand-picked to visit Okinawa, a standout amongst the most stunning and element tropical havens on the planet.

Here a little background to the Ryukyu Islands and Historic Sites of Okinawa.

The most established proof of human presence on the Ryukyu islands is from Stone Age. Japanese Jōmon impacts are overwhelming on the Okinawa Islands, despite the fact that earth vessels on the Sakishima Islands have a shared trait with those in Taiwan.

The primary notice of Ryukyu was composed in the Book of Sui. Okinawa was the Japanese word distinguishing the islands. Since the islands are placed at the eastern border of the East China Sea near to Japan, China and South-East Asia, the Ryūkyū Kingdom turned into a prosperous trading country. Additionally in this period, numerous Gusukus, (strongholds) were built. The Ryūkyū Kingdom had a tributary association with the Chinese Empire starting in the fifteenth century. Four years after the 1868 Meiji Restoration, the Japanese government, through military invasions, formally affixed the kingdom and renamed it Ryukyu han.

Okinawan culture bears hints of its different exchanging nations. One can discover Chinese, Thai and Austronesian impacts in the island’s traditions. Maybe Okinawa’s most acclaimed social fare is karate, likely a result of the nearby ties with and impact of China on Okinawan society. Karate is thought to be an amalgamation of Chinese kung fu with conventional Okinawan combative technique. A boycott on weapons in Okinawa for two long stretches after the attack and constrained addition by Japan amid the Meiji Restoration period additionally likely helped its advancement. Okinawans’ notoriety for being wily resisters of being affected by winners is delineated in the 1956 Hollywood film, The Teahouse of the August Moon, which is set instantly after World War II.

A further customary Okinawan product that owes its presence to Okinawa’s exchanging history is awamori—an Okinawan refined spirit produced using indica rice from Thailand.

Nineteen percent of the territory of the prefecture has been declared Natural Park.

In it lives the dugong an imperiled marine mammal similar to the manatee. Additionally Iriomote gives home to one of the world’s rarest and most endangered cat species, the Iriomote feline as well as endemic pit snake, Trimeresurus elegans. The island is generally made out of coral, and rainwater separating through that coral has given the island numerous caverns, which assumed a paramount part in the Battle of Okinawa. However those beautiful Coral reefs give now habitat to ocean turtles which return yearly to lay their eggs. A perfect surrounding since the island has always temperatures over 20 °c (68 °f).

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