What is the duty free limit for imports?

Some countries and territories allow goods below specific values to be imported free from duty and/or taxes. We've listed the duty-free thresholds that apply to the countries where many of our customers live. If your country/area isn't shown here, please visit the World Customs Organization site for details and follow the link to your country.

Be aware that if you have consolidated several goods into one shipment, the value of the whole shipment will be assessed for duty and multiple shipments received on the same day may also be assessed as a single shipment.

For a specific product being shipped to a particular country, check Borderlinx's Shipping Cost Calculator for more specific information on duty and taxes.

Note that the duty and tax information given below is subject to change, and we do not guarantee that it is the most up-to-date information.


Shipments valued below AUD 1,000 (FOB) are given a duty and tax waiver. This excludes tobacco products and alcoholic beverages (but you cannot have these items delivered by Borderlinx in any event. See Prohibited Items).

You can calculate the tax and duty payable using our Shipping Cost Calculator. All taxes are paid to Borderlinx when you pay for your goods, and we then manage the clearance and payments to the customs office.


Although shipments valued under CAD 20 are not dutiable or taxable, Canada uses CIF value for this determination. Therefore all shipments will be subject to duty and GST/PST.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a duty free destination. No duties or taxes are collected.


There is effectively no duty/tax free threshold and most shipments will be subject to a range of duties and taxes.


Goods costing less than EUR 150 (or equivalent) are duty free. As individual EU countries have control of their own tax regulations, this exemption will not necessarily apply to VAT/sales tax. VAT is chargeable on the value of the goods + the duties payable.


Customs duty and sales tax may be payable on imports. Customs duties are generally below 10% and are assessed on the value of the Cost of the goods + Insurance + Freight (CIF value).

Sales tax is payable on imported goods although there are some exemptions. Currently, there are three rates: 5%, 10% and 15%, with the applicable rate depending on the specific goods. The tax is assessed on the CIF + duty value.

An exemption for customs duty and sales tax exists in certain limited circumstances. For shipments entering through designated international airports (KLIA, Penang) duty/tax is not applied to goods below a Free On Board (FOB) value of MYR 500 (ie the cost of the goods without international freight).


Officially set at PHP10.00 of duty amount payable. In practice shipments valued under USD 75 and under 10 kg in weight receive duty free clearance.

Russian Federation

Duty and tax depend on an individual’s monthly import activity. The monthly allowance is currently a total value of 1,000 Euro (CIF value = value of goods + shipping) or a total weight of 31 kg. Duty and tax are payable at a combined rate of 30% of the value in excess of 1,000 Euro, although nothing is payable if the duty and tax are 2 Euro or less. For items exceeding a total of 31 kg, duty and tax are payable on the excess at a rate of 4 Euro per kg.


There is no duty payable on most products except alcohol, tobacco products, motor vehicles and petroleum products (but see list of Prohibited Items).

A Goods and Services Tax (GST), currently 7%, is imposed on the cost of the Cost of the goods + Insurance + Freight (known as the 'CIF value'). The GST is waived if the total CIF value is below SGD 400.


Shipments valued under EUR 75 are duty free.

United Arab Emirates

Shipments valued under 500 AED enter free from duty and tax. 

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