Claudia Trimde

Claudia Trimde, the CEO & Founder of Le CITY deluxe Group

Claudia Trimde founded LeCITY in 2007. She has a master’s degree in Business Management from the Glasgow University and the University of Miami and a solid academic background in Global Marketing and Communications. These academic tools have allowed her to obtain ample experience in diverse job placements all over the world.

Her early beginnings saw her emerge as a TV host, director and producer. She hosted the successful TV show “BITS”, on Chanel 4 in the UK and later on Líneas”, on Vía Digital in Spain and also produced and hosted “VIP with me” in Miami. Back in early 2002, she founded “Blackout”, the first advertising agency dedicated exclusively to the world of fashion and design in Spain. She is also the author of the book “Barcelona Jumps”, published in 2003.

After years of experience in the editorial and entrepreneurial fields, she founded “BARCELONA deluxe” in early 2007, the first luxury magazine in Barcelona that was also published both in Spanish and in English. In June 2009, BARCELONA deluxe won the Accesit award for “Best Publication of the Year”, something that elevated the magazine to the highest standard in editorial awards in Spain. In 2010, and in response to the success of BARCELONA deluxe, MADRID deluxe was born, broadening the frontiers of the publication and penetrating the market of Spain’s capital city. In that same year, and as a result of her constant search for new challenges, Claudia Trimde created Le CITY deluxe Group, a Luxury Club of high social prestige and first APPs for the just launched IPAD- with digital editions covering St. Petersburg and Moscow. Soon after that, print editions emerged in TUKEY, INDIA and finally in the USA. Claudia Trimde s current focus is on creating an affordable luxury shopping platform for all CITY lovers combining editorial news with must have luxury brands. Contact her:


Marius Koller Vice Presiden le CITYMarius Koller, the Vice President of Le CITY deluxe Group    With a background that encompasses luxury real estate, marketing, nightlife operations, events production, Mr. Koller offers his expertise beyond his  traditional experience. As the founder of De Luxe Realty Partners specializing in commercial and  residential real estate, closing hundreds of deals backed by “Transnational Referral Certification,” Marius Koller is  considered one of the most respectable realtors in South Florida. Furthermore as the Founder of Global Assets Consulting, he introduces Hedge funds and  Institutional Buyers to a Whole Sale Program of  Banking Institutions.    Along with his  aptitude in the real estate market, Marius possesses great knowledge of what it takes to run a successful magazine. Prior to entering the real estate business, Marius was triumphantly in charge of an international publication, which circulated in Miami, New York,  Los Angeles, Munich and Amsterdam. Contact him:




Felipe PfisterFelipe Pfister, Art&Design Director of Le CITY deluxe Group Felipe grew up in Argentina and spent several years in Switzerland until he finally turned up in Barcelona, where he graduated in Graphic Designer from the Universitat International de Catalunya. Since he is in Barcelona, he works as a designer for advertising agencies, publisher and several freelancer, which has helped him to get a great knowledge in the world of communcation. Now he works as Art&Design Director of Le CITY deluxe Group.


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