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Written by Le CITY Deluxe USA Contributing Editor and Brand Ambassador, Derek H. Sparks; Photo Credit: Getty Images for Filthy Haanz

On July 17th, Canadian based resort label Filthy Haanz debuted its 2017 collection at SWIMMIAMI at the renowned W South Beach.  The catwalk, suspended above the WET Deck pool, served as the perfect stage for the models dressed in gorgeous rich jewel-tones.  For the last three years, the Filthy Haanz brand, known for its refined yet fresh design philosophy and “untamed sophistication,” has made its mark during Swim Week.

A Filthy Haamodel walks the runway

A model walks the Filthy Haanz runway

Filthy Haanz Head Designer + Creative Coordinator Wilber Tellez describes Miami and “its people and culture” as “the epitome of our brand lifestyle,” and refers to the line's connection with Miami and especially South Beach as "unmistakable."

Filthy Haanz Creative Director Wilber Tellez walks the runway

The 2017 collection features vivid jewel tones complimented by gold sheen lace and black strappy details.  Unique teal and maroon color combinations caught the eye of the VIP attendees and the most sought-after swimwear buyers.  For accessories, the models were adorned with Tnemnroda sunglasses and jewelry by Tracilynn.  

Models walk the runway at Filthy Haanz 2017 Collection during SwimMiami

About Filthy Haanz

The meaning of Filthy Haanz is a celebration of life. The human hand is the symbol of creation, and while filthy has come to define “dirty” or “messy” we term “a filthy hand” as the ultimate tribute to work and creation, the foundation of life. The clothing created by this label uses the human body to create the beauty of the clothing, just as clothing many times creates the beauty of the body.


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