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Either the erotic novel by E.L. James or the recent Cinema release of Fifty Shades of Grey has inspired many of us. Now it does need some ingredients to spice up our love life, and part of that are of course the right surroundings. Now who would have thought that it would be the Danish furniture brand BoConcept that would nourish the erotic wave sweeping the country, proposing to spark this desire dwelling on their beautiful new collection. Watch and enjoy this short movie called THE CALL, casting two Hollywood style Danish actors. Mads Mikkelsen (James Bond /Casino Royale and Best Actor/ Cannes 2012 for The Hunt) and gorgeous Malin Buska reveal a sexually sparked scene within the setting of BoConcept signature pieces like the Mezzo couch or their most notorious Imola seat.

The Story

With THE CALL, BoConcept conveys that they are able to create the perfect interior design to match your home, style and phantasies. The great thing is that it is not an AD at all. It’s an appealing mysterious story between two energetic on-screen characters within an excellent setting that is furnished by BoConcept.

THE CALL is the first of two movies. The second film named THE GUEST to follow.

The film was shot in Valencia, Spain where overall top rated BoConcept fashioner Morten Georgsen opened his lovely mansion to a film crew for 6 days. The villa had a perfect open-open plan, huge windows, perfect materials, and an incredible perspective, impeccable for the right setting.

Mads Mikkelsen assumes the part of a handsome cool charmer while Malin Buska is out to seduce him- but doesn’t really get all of his full attention, since he is constantly interrupted by a mysterious female caller who plays on double meaning suggestions. BoConcept Visual Manager Jette Christensen clarifies how furniture, materials and embellishments were precisely chosen to make the ideal setting for this tasteful dramatization:

‘You can take our concept in many different directions, but in this case, we wanted to achieve a mature, luxurious ambience to complement Mads’ character so we combined dark colors with fine natural materials such as leather and marble as well as shiny materials on lamps, cushions and rugs that adds a bit of glamour. ‘

The Mezzo couch has a focal part in the film and it is ideal for the job with big seats and cushions, and clothed in exclusive stone-colored leather. The film closes with Mads Mikkelsen relaxing in iconic Imola chair. Comfortable through not just its design but also its fabric “Napoli” – a smooth material in a dark brown tone an elegant contrast to the big leather sofa and marble table.

‘Mads’ great performance and look is the perfect match for BoConcept which is clearly expressed with the image of him sitting in the Imola chair. They just look great together,’ says BoConcept CEO Torben Paulin.

We feel- a hunk like Mads deserves passion in style! I am off to call my Concepter!

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Text by Claudia Trimde

BoConcept was founded over 60 years ago in Denmark and is now a worldwide contemporary luxury furniture store with more than 270 stores in 60 nations. The Danish furniture boutique recently opened a flagship store on Miami’s prestigious Brickell Avenue and Aventura. On display, you’ll find the newest collections replete with contemporary designs, new colors, new functionalities and exciting materials. BoConcept sparks collaborations with the most prominent interior designers such as Karim Rashid (read interview), Anders Norgaard, and Henrik Pedersen.

Watch the Video

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Unfortunately in the USA you cannot buy BoCOncept furniture online. However there are many locations just around your corner, here is the store locator. Of course have a look at their online Catalogue first!



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