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Interview with Arcangel Soul

Interview by Vicente Enrich International Art Dealer.


Arcangel Soul is an artist and gallery owner. He is a descendant of several generations of antiquarians. His career spans over twenty years, with exhibits in the most prestigious national and international contemporary art fairs. His work rivals the works of famous artists such as Salvador Dali, Picasso, Chillida, and Miro. Dissatisfied with the art scene and its lack of fervor, Arcangel Soul  fuses art with spirit, the ancient with the contemporary, creating retro-futuristic art with soul.


What inspires you to create art?

To me art is not just plastic, photographic, or sculptural. My creativity comes and is inspired by the world in which we live in.


What do you think of contemporary art?

I think we are living at the worst time in the history of art. There is a global crisis both in the spheres of finance and culture. The phrase “everything is invented” is not real. Creativity comes from the heart and we suffer from a serious deficit of it in our souls. There, is where the real crisis lies. This year the world has been the best selling in auctions of contemporary art. They have broken all records, thanks to the speculation that the Chinese market makes 70% of sales. Just like in real estate, art world is suffering from an inflation and this bubble will burst soon.


Do you think that being a son and a grandson of antique shop owners helped you as an artist?

It certainly did. It helped me learn the market worldwide, and from an early age, I learned the inner works of galleries, museums, and foundations.


What is your life philosophy?

Art is my life. I love creating it, I love living it. I am consumed by it.


What are your life and career goals?

My life and career goals are intertwined, and they are very elementary. I plan on feeding my creativity and growing as a person and an artist.


Your work is exhibited in some of the best galleries and museums around the world. Where can our readers view your work?

Some of my work is displayed in the Salvador Dali Museum in Barcelona, or the World’s Erotic Art Museum.


How is the value on an art piece established?

The value of an artwork is usually determined by who the artist is and who the art piece was influenced by. Also, the value of your art piece goes up significantly if your work is known worldwide, and has its own unique language that speaks to people.


Tell us about your presence on the American market and your partnership with Le CITY Deluxe magazine?

I am working on establishing my presence on the American market at the moment. My art has a lot of references to American culture, music, cinema, art. One of the reasons my partnership with Le CITY Deluxe magazine is flourishing, is because Le CITY Deluxe has a wonderful audience who is interested in art. That is why I am willing to sell my art pieces to Le CITY Deluxe readers with a 35%-45% discount.


What do you think of the Russian market and the Gulf countries?

I very fond of the Russian, and the Gulf countries markets. There I see a lot of young collectors with the affinity of cool, creative, edgy art with a heart of gold.


What are your plans for 2015?

My plans for the upcoming year is to create, create, and create.


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