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Internationally renowned french artist Alain Godon showcased a series of sculptures and paintings depicting cities and sites from around the world.

Alain Godon’s Miami Exhibit

By: Boston Ellis

In 2009, Bernard Markowicz, owner of Markowicz Fine Art, was visiting the Fardel Art Gallery in Le Touquet, France, where a vibrant painting depicting a beautiful building caught his eye. This was the first time Markowicz laid eyes on the architectural series by French artist, Alain Godon. Markowicz became fascinated with the piece and was determined to set up a meeting with the artist.

Godon began his architectural series in 2006, painting cities including Paris, New York, and Amsterdam. He uses a unique technique he developed called BuildoRelifo, introduced in 2009 at the Pavillion des Arts et du Design event in Paris, where he revisits his oil paintings and digitally adjust the colors, shadowing and lighting, to form a sense of relief in the image.

Godon and Markowicz eventually met, and after hours of conversation, Markowicz agreed to represent Godon in the United States. This was the beginning of a long friendship and partnership that ultimately shaped the direction of Godon’s architectural series with a new focus on Art Deco architecture.

After their initial meeting, Markowicz suggested Godon visit Miami; upon arrival, Godon was immediately captivated by the architecture of the city, specifically Miami Beach’s Art Deco district. Godon’s creative eye imagined the buildings posing for pictures, and set off to capture landmark hotels and sites in his own style, picking up every characterizing detail that embodies an architectural structure. His work tells a hidden story uniquely personal, meant for interpretation by the viewer.

“The moment I arrived in Miami, I was immediately drawn to the colorful energy of the city and distinct beauty apparent in the architectural landscape and culture of its people,” says Godon.

Four years later, Markowicz Fine Art celebrates the opening of Alain Godon’s Around the World in Eighty Works exhibit in the Miami Design District, which showcases Godon’s work from the last four years. Many of the paintings feature iconic Miami Beach scenes while other paintings and sculptures feature his works from other major cities across the globe.


Due to his newfound success in Miami, Godon was commissioned by the City of Miami Beach to design the graphic art for the 2015 Miami Beach City Report with his signature artwork depicting several Miami Beach locations and buildings. The report was presented by South Florida Executive Magazine to Mayor Philip Levine.

In 2017, he will exhibit at the Matisse Museum in Nice, France. The exhibit will be a unique collaboration with the museum on an exhibit inspired in Tahiti. To see Godon’s work, visit Markowicz Fine Art in the Miami Design District.


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