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Andy Sogoyan began his incursion into the jewellery world at a tender age, working in his uncle’s jewellery shop, until years later, in the 1980s, he founded his first company, CA Links, Inc. Drenched in Hollywood swagger, sophistica-tion and lustre, as well as a fervent longing to share his passion for diamonds, he managed to find a market comfortable with his creations and an enthusiastic clientele for his exclusive products. Necklaces, crucifixes, chains... jewels inspired in the A Team, Mr. T and ‘80s hip-hop. His business success helped CA Links, Inc become one of the world’s primary wholesalers of urban jewellery. Andy’s untiring passion for perfection and quality, as well as his pursuit of innovation and trends, coincided with a spiking public interest in high-end watches, giving birth to his next company: IceLink, which opened up to the world of Swiss watchmaking in 2007. That same year he attended Baselworld for the first time. Con-fronted with a traditionally elitist watch market, Andy Sogoyan showed why his models are the watch of choice for a large number of celebrities. Since then, he has worked unabashedly. As he once remarked, “Somewhere, somehow, there will always be someone looking for extraordinary things only my company can provide”.

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Could you explain a bit about the new models you have recently released?

It is a very unique watch. Actually it is the first watch with a mechanical moment for 5 time zones, which work together simultaneously. It took me two and a half years to develop this movement, which is an IceLink Swiss-made movement.

You mainly create watches for men, but do you do so for women as well?

Of course we also have watches for women. Last year we produced 50 percent for men and 50 percent for women. As you can see, we now have a lot of diamond watches, so our watches are now 70% for women and 30% for men.

What is your main market? Is Los Angeles or the US the market where you sell the most?

No, as a brand, we are also in the Middle East, Russia, Ukraine and now Asia is quickly becoming a strong market for us.




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