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“BLUEY and the Christmas Airshow”- enlighten your heart all year round

Christmas the magic time of the year, where even the smallest Christmas tree in the eyes of children seem 30 foot tall and all roads lead home. The season is filled with lights and mystery and Rudolf the Reindeer rides above all, as hero to the rescue of our hearts- and so does KLM’s BLUEY.


Now KLM infuses its children mascot Bluey with magical powers in one of the cutest animated holiday short films I’ve seen. Launched as a new campaign for children the brand’s mascot Bluey is the star of “Bluey and the Christmas Airshow”. Under his daddy’s wings, the mascot learns things about flying and devilishly investigates the world.
Created by DDB & Tribal Worldwide Amsterdam, the movie can be seen on the KLM YouTube channel and on all intercontinental KLM flights.

Pol Hoenderboom, creative director, DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam, said of the film: “Although it’s a kids campaign, we wanted to create an animation movie that was also entertaining for parents. It’s such a pleasure working on projects like this. From creating all the characters, wring their personalities. To the actual voice-over sessions, where we ended up with a real father and son playing Bluey and Dad.”

Propelled last November, the brand mascot was made to connect with more youthful explorers and subsequently, KLM revealed a range of Bluey items going from key rings, trolleys and cards, to a supper box for youngsters on universal flights.

KLM comprehends, it is to all travelers’ advantage when children feel great on board. The mascot Bluey offered the airline an awesome chance to show kids more than simply the standard in-flight entertainment.

So let your hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, let BLUEY spark your Christmas spirit and keep this light of love burning all year round.

Since as already Roy L. Smith said “He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.”- let Bluey enlighten yours.


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