So the countdown has started. Most of us dread December and anticipate it with fear. There are just so many things to do- from investing time in the kitchen to of course arranging the home with blessed decorations of course hand made. But it’s hard to accomplish everything! – And I have not even mentioned having the bright and the right inspiration for all my loved ones. Please send me a thankful smile rather than a smirk – with “do you still have the receipt”.

Here our recommendation- give a “charm”– adornments worn around the wrist. Each of the“charms” is unique: beautifying pendants or trinkets, which connote critical things in the wearer’s life.

Here some history: The wearing of charms is said to have started to avert malevolence spirits or bad fortunes.

History goes back to Africa around 75.000 years ago, where gems charms would be produced using shells, bones and mud. Later charms were made out of diamonds, rocks, and wood.

In Germany even craved mammoth tusk charms have been found taking us 30.000 years back. In antiquated Egypt charms were utilized for recognizable proof and as images of confidence and luckiness. Charms likewise served to distinguish a single person to the divine beings in life following death.

During the Roman Empire, Christians would utilize little fish charms as a part of their apparel to distinguish themselves from others. Jewish researchers of the same period would compose little sections of Jewish law and place them in talismans round their necks to keep the law near their heart at all times. Medieval knights wore charms for assurance in fight. Charms additionally were worn in the Dark Ages to signify family beginning and religious and political feelings.

Much later Queen Victoria wore appealing wristbands that began a style among the European honorable classes. She was instrumental to the prominence of the renaissance for wristbands. When her adored Prince Albert passed on, she even made “grieving” charms well known
Nowadays, it individualizes our style- none is the same and expresses our style, desire, or even encapsulates some of our best-kept secrets.

One of the main companies known for giving us endless choices for these charming gifts is Pandora. Attention we thought actually this Christmas Pandora had even the right idea. They offer their customers the Christmas challenge. Can your next of kin guess what you really want for Christmas?
Some of you might want to take the Pandora challenge and win jewellery everyday in December on Pandora’s facebook page.


We thought it’s a nice tool to make sure that you actually get what you want. Also have a look at their webpage, we love that they have gone beyond the mere- store front, their magazine with “shop the look” is sassy and stylish- hats of to their editors who pulled together a beautiful Christmas editorial set in metropolitan London.

Make it a “charming” Christmas full of Joy and Beats that express your style- give it to you’re loved ones or put it on your wish list.