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BARCELONA deluxe interview with Alfredo Sanzol, writer and director of “Delicades”. Become one of the “fashion director”, he asked about some details about this work, the current situation of theater and its future projects in the scenic countryside.

What are your expectations for this presentation at the Teatre Poliorama sensitive furniture?

For all it is a pleasure to be back in the Poliorama. We hope that everyone who was left without seeing sensitive furniture is now a chance to enjoy the function.

The Teatre del Liceu is suspending discussion of its programming this year and coming back to Barcelona sensitive furniture for 100 performances spread throughout the Spanish territory and over 40,000 spectators … a luxury in these times of crisis …

Well, not exactly a luxury. Is sensitive furniture making and having public functions, but doing so in what should be normal.

This work comes at the request of T de Teatre, but, how long it took to write it and where did the inspiration come?

The inspiration comes from various places I had in mind and that the proposed T de Teatre served to unite. Sensitive furniture was a title he had and that I liked. On the other hand I wanted to do something from the stories and the stories I told my grandmother and her sisters, and on the other hand, that T de Teatre are mainly girls encouraged me to create the role. Since beginning to think that opens up land within two years.

With Delicate you immerse yourself in the history of life and struggle of several women at the same time you offer the viewer a message encouraging life … do you feel any social responsibility / policy on this issue, especially now that you are considered by critics as “one directors of fashion” ?

Often differentiates between private and public life, and I think that difference is false. The public greatly affects my privacy, and the way how I act in my private life affects the public. It has nothing to do with privacy. That is another thing. My theater has always talked about the socio / political because I try to talk about life. And if you want to talk about the life you have to talk politics. Or may not be fashionable not change anything.

Madrid offers a wide range of theater, do you think that Barcelona is missing off in this regard?

Barcelona has a great theater shows. Madrid and Barcelona are in a good situation. And we must continue to ensure that the quality of the shows and connecting with the public continues to improve.

For whom did not have the opportunity to see Delicades under the Grec, why should it now? What is most interesting or touching of the work?

Sensitive furniture is connected with the struggle for a better life. And not only in the material, also in the spiritual. I never get tired of seeing the function because the things that happen are connected with the questions we ask. With the real questions. That’s realism. That’s what’s exciting.

What projects do you have on mind for 2012?

Now I’m running in Pamplona in the Gayarre Theatre, “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde. It’s a terrible comedy. All superficial lives seriously, and seriously everything you live in a superficial way. It’s something that sounds like a lot. Premiered at the end of March.

Delicades will run until April 1. More info about the work and functions:




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