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Provocative, ironic and endowed with an idiosyncratic sense of humour which he has managed to blend with rigorous journalism on his television programme Salvados (Saved). Jordi Évole, or El Follonero (The Troublemaker), as he’s known, was recently named Best Presenter at the 2011 Ondas Awards and received a Dewar’s White Label Character Award for his exemplary and singular character in the audiovisual world.

How do you feel about these two awards? 

I feel great, because, in my opinion, the Ondas Award acknowledges the show, the entire team, and if I’m able to do what I do it’s because of the fantastic team behind me. And the Character Award seems like something positive, as people with strong character are a little more forthright, more honest, and while honesty may be uncomfortable at times, it can also lead to great things.

How has Salvados evolved from its first edition in 2008 (Ondas Award for most innovative show) to today?

When we started, we focused more on humour, on creating funny or entertaining and sometimes deliberate situations. But we’ve aged and matured, and the show has drawn us more towards journalism, more towards content, without losing track of the irony and humour, which is one of the show’s trademarks. I feel the combination of everything I’ve just mentioned makes Salvados something unique, something special.

What has been your most enjoyable interview? 

Some interviews may contain a lot of information and even a sense of exclusiveness, like the one we did with Jesús Eguiguren, who mentioned things about the process with ETA that have subsequently come true. Then there are characters who steal your heart, and in the top spot is singer-songwriter José Antonio Labordeta, who we spent a day with while making the report. Amazing!

When Rubalcaba agreed to participate in Salvados, he seemed slightly afraid to square off with you. Who does El Follonero fear?

Basically everyone I interview. When I start interviewing someone, I have no idea how it’s going to turn out, if the answers are going to be good… I’m obsessed with good answers, and I don’t stop asking until I get them. There’s always that fear of not getting them.

Who would you like to interview?

On a national level, José María Aznar and Felipe González, because they’ve been two extremely powerful Spanish presidents. Internationally, Hugo Chávez and Fidel Castro. What do you think? Setting my sights too low… (he laughs)

What opinion do you feel the future president of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, deserves?  

He looks worried, gearing himself up, because I think he’s in for a difficult term, and it’d be great, for everyone’s sake, if he could come through… I wouldn’t want the same thing that’s happened in Italy or Greece to happen to us, where, after the country votes, a couple of guys show up and decide a technocrat should govern. I hope Rajoy figures out how to avoid this. I like Rajoy, but I’ve always voted for the left.

BARCELONA deluxe is a luxury city guide. If you had to recommend somewhere in the city, where would you send us? 

 I don’t really go out much, but there’s a place in Villa Olimpica I like called L’Escamarlà, where they make great paella and the beer flows… that’s my recommendation.

More information and pictures on our iPAD edition which is coming soom…

Text: Jazmín Castresana

Photos:Noelia Domenech

Translation: Andrew Rance


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