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Ever since its establishment 90 years ago, Damiani has been a leading company in the sector of jewelry and luxury watches. Founded in 1924 in Italy, the Damiani brand reigned over the international market for jewelry making. Damiani became an ambassador of Italian style and a synonym of excellence, coupled with the best Italian jewelry tradition. Creativity, design, and entrepreneurship are the key elements that have driven the Damiani family for nearly a century. A deep passion for the art was passed on from father to son, thus transmitting the love of high-quality jewelry to the third generation which now spearheads the company. Strengthened by an almost centennial tradition, the Damiani Group has always been renowned for the quality of products, and the exclusive design of its collections. In the interview with Le CITY deluxe, the CEO Guido Grassi Damiani revealed what it is like to run a long-standing family business.

Mr. Damiani, you are now representing the third generation of your great family tradition. How have things changed since then?

Firstly, it should be noted that Damiani is the only international jewelry brand that is still owned by its original creators. No other international brand is run by the family of the founder. When my grandfather started the company, it was more about designing and producing exceptional quality jewelry. This is another point that sets us apart from the rest. We are not just into retail, but also making and designing the pieces. The difference between now and then is that presently Damiani is a bigger brand than it was before. We are a world-wide company looking to expand.

"Damiani is the only international jewelry brand that is still owned by its original creators"

You are a family man with two children, are we going to see the fourth generation of Damiani running the business?

Yes hopefully. My brother also has two children one boy and one girl and my sister has one boy. So there is five of them. We believe to have all of them involved, but we are not going to push anybody. We ourselves grew up in this business, surrounded by a lot of passion and now we are just as passionate, and I believe that some of our children will be involved.

What part of the business are you most involved in?

I am more involved in the business side. I oversee all of the operations so I’m also involved in the creative side. My brother is in charge of developing new collections, but the final approval for every collection goes through me.

We touched base on Damiani’s past and present. What does your focus lie in the future?

Presently and in the future, the most important for me is my two children. In terms of business we are working on increasing our international presence, but in the meantime, we want to keep the tradition of superb quality because we are building something for longterm, something that the next generation we will have to look forward to.



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    Lindo adorei

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    muito bom nunca vi igual muitas pessoas deveriam ter interesse em vários tipos de coisas como essa

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