May 24, 2012, the Tretyakov passage, has open its doors the first Russian boutique Harry Winston, designed by the French architect-designer Frederic Legendre.

The legendary American brand Harry Winston holds a special place of honor in the jewelry and watchmaking world. Founded by Harry Winston in 1932, the company quickly acquired the status of the most competent in the field of precious stones, and unique skills tack stones is still unsurpassed.

12 years of cooperation of Harry Winston and Mercury partners celebrated the opening of a chic boutique in the heart of Moscow. Store design deserves special attention. Pastel colors, prevailing in the interior, creating a calm and cozy atmosphere. All it puts more emphasis on the windows, which resemble the faces of diamonds. Present jewelry and watches is extremely difficult, they are often visually lost in the deep windows, and interior details. The solution was delicately built light, leaving no shadows and highlights and emphasizes the beauty of represented well in the windows products.