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Inspiration Through Forward Thinking

Avant Gallery is a gem that is tucked away on the 23rd Street of Miami Beach. It will electrify your spirit, and deliver inspiration through forward-thinking art and design. Avant Gallery represents, promotes and showcases world-renowned, mid-career, as well as emerging talent from the disciplines of art, design, and passionate manufacturing. Le CITY Deluxe had the pleasure to interview the owner of the gallery Dmitry Prut to learn what his 5,000 square show room has in store during the upcoming Art Basel.

How did Avant Gallery come about?

Essentially it was a passion project that became a business endeavor. I was always around art, growing up as an artist myself. After spending some time doing high-profile event marketing in the corporate world, it wasn’t until I was about 27 that I realized I’d like to take a shot at the business of art and cater to that same type of affluent consumer demographic, this time with my own agenda and product.

When did Avant Gallery open?

In 2007 with a small location off Lincoln Road in Miami Beach.

Inspiration Through Forward Thinking

Dmitry Prut, Owner of Avant Gallery

"We’re known as a hybrid of art and design, focusing on collect-ability and investment quality."

Do you have any locations outside of Miami Beach?

We have added a Downtown and Brickell location at the Epic Hotel, preview exhibition

opening during Art Basel.


What sort of art do you have on display?

We’re known as a hybrid of art and design, focusing on collectability and investment quality. It ranges from bigger names like Damien Hirst and Guy Le Baube, to more emerging talent DAIN. We also represent special collections from Lladro and Baccarat.

Are you hosting any events for Art Basel?

Yes, one in each location. At the Downtown location we will be hosted a couple of years ago a very special exhibition of works by Roman Kriheli, featuring the unveiling of his highly-anticipated “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World” painting, which has been getting some buzz in the media recently. At the Miami Beach location we also featured photographer Guy Le Baube and LEGO sculptor Nathan Sawaya in an exhibition titled “Bodies”.

Do you think Art Basel changed Miami?

Unquestionably and for the better. Miami is still a relatively young cosmopolitan city with lots of new money clientele who appreciate the finer things in life, but art is certainly a category that makes folks spend dollars in a cultural way. Art Basel caps off this notion every December and brings a very like-minded atmosphere into town.


What is by far your favorite piece in the gallery?

It’s always the next one that has yet to arrive, but I am really looking forward to Kriheli’s unveiling of what is being dubbed as his contemporary version of the Mona Lisa. I’m very honored to be involved.


Interview by Darya Strelnikova


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