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Everyday Heroes- A Toilet Brush?

We want and demand an easier life! Easier what? Everything!

Easy relationship- no pressure just Love, please! Easier kids (if you dared to have them)- oh yes they need to be smart, polite, cute and NO WORK! Easier Money- without compromising our integrity or spare time and “Lots of it, please”! Food- EASY too!- Fast, nutritious, yummy and like in paradise…ready to be snapped up.

Now most of the time we forget- we have all that already much easier than our parents had, or their parents and so on. So why is it that we still feel that our lives are complicated and not gotten easier at all?- We shifted the paradigms. Whatever got easier through innovation we not just only gotten used to – we shifted time or money we saved, onto other challenges, without giving a second wink or saying thank you to the stepping stone that catapulted us to this next level.

So IKEA – thought of paying tribute to that.

Watch this movie!

When I first started to watch the new short, a tribute to our “Everyday heroes”- by Academy Award-winning director Joachim Back- tears came to my eye. I thought of myself- being a hero to my kids, or of my parents and our veterans which dedicate their lives so we can thrive. But to be honest I never thought this movie would take such a twist and pay tribute to a toilet brush or a clothes hanger, a hook behind a door. We don’t need to think about them, just use them, or abuse them- they are things we don’t need to admire like furniture we proudly center in a prominent spot to be admired. How dare can you compare those lifeless and soleless things to actual heroes! But what is a hero? A hero is born- when we thrive because of their actions- which they commit without putting themselves first. So who says heroes have to be human? Why can it not be things too? – Did you know that- the world’s oldest light bulb was installed 1901 at a fire station in California and is still burning? – The world’s oldest mattress is 77 000 years old and was found in a cave in South Africa?


Undoubtedly they are our heroes too- we thrive on them. Without their light, we can’t see our loved ones at night, or our most favorite would be lying on the floor. We take those things for granted- yet they play a vital role in our lives.


It’s a cheeky tribute, in which the director brings his spot-on sensibility for outwardly imaginative satire to the battle, the quiet struggles of the household IKEA items. With awesome structures, Back’s visuals change the common into the epic. The unsung ordinary saints are all given a sparkle of magnificence while the blending voice of English on-screen actor Terence Stamp, strikes us as though Gandalf himself is ordering you to respect your shower mat.

“To really get under the skin of these everyday heroes, I lived with them for 42 years. I’m full of admiration and it feels good to be part of this tribute”, says director Joachim Back.


Life rushes by us like a fast speed train. It’s our train. Some of us try to hop on it and become the captain. Others prefer to lean back in first class. Some of us believe if it’s not for them the wheels won’t keep spinning. No one lives in the now but just in tomorrow- the next station. – Tomorrow everything will be better- or- so afraid it will be worse. The solution? Stop your ego taking the driving seat and start appreciating the things that make life in the first place- might they be human or just THINGS – to be appreciated since they make our lives every day easier!

Which luxury makes your life every day easier? #everyheros or @everydayhero365

Text by: Claudia Trimde


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