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Do you have some volume in your hair? Do you think that is not growing fast enough? Do trust your hairdresser has been cutting his hand inches from your hair and you do not look favored at all? Or simply want to change quickly and radically look? Why not get extensions are you planning to solve these problems?

She by SO. CAP., Is an Italian company leader in the production of natural hair with a long history of more than 50 years in the market and a continuous technological research that has established itself as leader in both quality appliances as hair extensions .

Pioneer in the field of hair extensions, She by SO.CAP. revolutionized the world of hairdressing 35 years ago with the establishment of Hair Extension locks of hair based on fitted at its end kerarina capsule in order to attach the lock to own hair without the latter having suffered harm, and may give length and volume quickly, invisible and comfortable.

Virgin hair extensions selected known hair “Remy” and is the secret of his success to get a hair silky, shiny and tangle-free as it retains the natural direction of growth of root tips to keep saving your cuticle maintaining the smoothness and glossy appearance of healthy hair, beautiful and without problems.

She currently by SO.CAP. offers all the systems of extensions: keratin, adhesive, hair weaving or “removable” with micropeinetas, and in different sizes and textures to suit any need and any type of woman.


Now change the look will be very easy, you can extend your hair, get more volume and add a splash of color without using inks She by SO.CAP.

For more information and your nearest hairdresser: www.hairextension.es and the number 902 300 169






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