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Budget friendly Denizen’s is placing its new flagship stores in New Dehli. As a new affordable global brand from Levi Strauss and Co., it is placing jeanswear and other fashion essentials to a new level. Created with the new generation in mind, it is well crafted and great fitting for just about anyone. The brand is here to serve consumers with stylish, well-made and comfortable clothes from a company they trust.

Denizen’s flagship store will be located at Connaught Place and covers 1,800 feet.

Head of marketing at Levi Strauss & Co., Arvind RP said, “Connaught Place is an iconic location in the heart of the national capital. It offers great convenience for consumers with all major international brands available and ample parking space. It is also one of the busiest shopping areas in India.” Today, Connaught Place is famous for its variety of restaurant, hotels, shops, bars and bookshops, and is instantly recognizable to the citizen and patrons of New Dehli.

Denizen, means “inhabitant”—belonging to a community of family and friends. Its target age group of 18-28, spends more on clothing and accessories, yet in markets such as India a limited number of them are well-off. Mr. Aaron Boey, President of the Levis Strauss & Co, Asia Pacific Division chose a country such as India because they have an “emerging middle class who are youthful, living a fast life, aspiring brands yet desiring them at more affordable price points.” Levi’s has taken into consideration of its market by embracing the youth generation to stand out and “start up something collectively, pursue their passion, take action and celebrate life by making a difference.” Placing its wear in countries such as India, China, Korea, Pakistan and Singapore it allows emerging needs of the middle class to be readily available.

The brand is available at 250 exclusive Denizen stores and several thousand multi-brand outlets across India.





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