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karim rashid

I am inspired by the world around us. We are all human and need and desire human connections.

Karim Rashid is one of the most productive designers of his generation. With over 3000 designs under his belt and 300 awards, Karim Rashid is the legend in design world. Le CITY Deluxe had the pleasure to interview Karim Rashid and learn what inspires, moves and excites the interior design icon.

Tell us a little bit about yourself ?

I am who I am.I am because I create.To be is to create. I always saw myself as a pluralist, even when I was a student. I did not like the idea of specialization and admired creative people who touched many different aspects of visual culture. I am interested in shaping a beautiful more seamless, more comfortable and most importantly, more inspiring future.

How did you get into Interior Design?

In 1999 Giorgio Armani asked me to design three shops for NYC, Paris and Tokyo for his 21st brand. He said he approached me because he saw that my work embraced new technologies and thought I could reinvent shopping. I always wanted to design interior architecture but needed an opportunity. I proposed shops with no clothes. When you enter a full 3D body scanner would scan your body, and then you would see yourself full-scale behind large mirror plasma screens.Then you could drag with your finger all of Armani’s 30 years of archives onto your body and see yourself in 3D. The shops also had a runway with models constantly walking on it to show the latest collections only. Obviously this was all too premature as the technologies were not ubiquitous like today, and the costs were quite prohibitive, unlike today.Then Stephan Starr approached me to design a new Morimoto restaurant in Philadelphia in 2000. That was a turning point for me because it was so successful that it really gave me the opportunity to design about 100 interiors globally since then and have recently begun quite a few full architecture projects,condos in New York, Miami, Tel Aviv, St. Petersburg, Riga, etc. What I love about working with architecture and interior space is that I have the opportunity to really influence human experience beyond an object… READ MORE 


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