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He was the director of Givenchy in Paris Sales and an Executive Vice President of Product Strategy and Development of Montblanc in Hamburg. He is currently the CEO of Roger Dubuis.

The main challenge of Roger Dubuis has been international development. At a rapid rate, it became one of the top five High-Class Watch brands in the world. And this has a lot to do with Jean-Marc Pontroué, the CEO of the Geneva-based manufacturer. A company that has become famous for their ability to arrange product strategies and capturing the needs of individual countries.

What would you like to highlight most about Roger Dubuis?

Most importantly, the watches have been manufactured with the codes of excellence in mind. A pioneering brand that targets connoisseurs of Haute Horlogerie with all the manufacturers involved in the very heart of Geneva.

What are your most important product concerns at the moment?

The motion. If Ferrari can’t be Ferrari without its engines, then Roger Dubuis doesn’t exist without proper movement. All of our development capacity and innovation are going to influence the SIHH13 gala, a new caliber, which will be the first on the watch market.

Roger Dubuis contains four product lines. What are their main features?

We relate our four products to the universe. We are able to cater our four product lines based on four types of potential customers categorized in hypothetical archetypes: the player, the warrior, the adventurer and the diva. So far, apart from having product lines where there is no competition, no brand has gone so far as to have a fantasy world model for their product lines.

What is the main market for Roger Dubuis?

Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, and the United States; in addition to all emerging countries. Valencia is considered a unique market in Spain.

How did it come to be such a successful location?

In Valencia, we are partnered with the jewelry firm Rabat. I’m not sure if it would work without our partners at the local level. Whether it’s Rabat in Spain or Swiss Union in Barcelona and Madrid, we become able to attract a clientele likely to understand our product.

What is the current status of Roger Dubuis on the market?

Although we cannot give exact specifics, the brand has prospered in all countries. In the market of Spain in particular, Roger Dubuis had an increase in sales by 48% last year.



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