Most of us dream of going to space, but this desire- stays neatly confined to our wildest imagination. Now envision you are actually a child who´s father is an astronaut- who´s daily job is to be gone for months in a row not just away from home – but away from earth. How do you stay in touch?

Well, Stephanie only had one plea- to write a message of Love to her dad that reconnects their hearts beyond hundreds of kilometers. Her wish was heard by no other than Hyundai– the innovative automaker that not only develops the world’s most advanced cars but is also known for pushing the boundaries in delivering creative ways of connecting people.

Watch this video that witnesses how Hyundai assembled a large team of experts from Korea, Europe and the USA, creating a touching message from Stephanie to her Father in the Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada– forming 30m wide letters- covering a 5.55 km wide area that is twice the size of NY’s Central Park.

It is very moving how her personal message with giant letters for which Hyundai dispatched 11 cars of their flagship luxury Genesis Line- was readable by her father who was 300 km up in space. This giant tire track was also recorded by The Guinness World Records as “The Largest Tire Track Image” ever created.  

The Genesis Line is known for its driving dynamics pushing the slogan “ With great power comes great control”. Hence it proved to be the best choice for creating this grand event since it needed an exceptional engine performance, elegant handling power and driving stability that can cope with such a rough surface to create a perfectly synced tire track.

Hyundai’s corporate vision is to be ‘Lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond’ underlining the brand’s philosophy of caring for clients through emotional communication and evolving a brand beyond just means of transportation. Outside their luxury Genesis label,  we also love the fact that one of the companies main focus is  set on clean technology, commencing with the planets 1st mass-produced hydrogen- powered car, ix35 Fuel Cell.

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