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Located in the Shops at Portofino ower in South Beach’s prestigious South Pointe neighborhood, Danny Jelaca is a pristine and stylish sanctuary offering the finest in luxury hair care services. Danny Jelaca, one of South Florida’s most acclaimed hairstylists, opened his namesake salon in September of 2012. Jelaca is a renowned expert when it comes to the art of creating beautiful hair. Le CITY deluxe had the pleasure to speak with the master stylist. 

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Indulge us in what it’s like to run your own salon?

Prior to opening up my business, I worked at Stella Salon where my sole focus was on doing the hair. Now, not only do I work on hair and styling, but I also run the day-to-day operations. It’s very exciting. My job has evolved into something more. I have employees, I teach and mentor. I am also currently working on starting a hair jewelry line and hair accessories. A lot more opportunities have opened up for me.

Will there be more locations opening in the future?

This has all been a dream come true for me. I always aspired to have a boutique in South Pointe and I am very happy here. I would like to make my presence known in other places, but I am not sure that the timing is right for me to expand just yet. I would love to open up a salon in Aspen and perhaps in Los Angeles,
but these are just long-term goals.

Do your celebrity clients come to your boutique or do you provide mobile services?

There are few that come and see me at the salon, but there are also those who request my presence elsewhere. My clientele is so diverse.
I see politicians, athletes, models, actors, musicians and each have different requirements. Many local celebrities like Adrianna DeMoura from the Real Housewives of Miami, are on my client list.

Which part of your work do you enjoy the most?

Styling is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my profession. I love working with models and doing fashion shows. I am heavily involved in the fashion world, especially here in Miami, and work with Mercedes Benz Fashion Show.

Miami has a unique variety of hair textures from European to Hispanic. Is there a particular hair type that you like to work with?

I love the diversity of hair textures. Two problems that we tend to are the humidity and the sun damaged hair. I like to use different techniques on different hair and I have great ways of combating different elements. For fine hair, I use certain products like Luminescence, which is great for conditioning and volume. To manage hair in this humidity, we use irons with vapor along with Argan Oil that does wonders.

Tell us about your famous hair loss treatment?

We offer great hair loss treatment by Leonor Greyl that has a lot of vitamins and minerals that help stimulate hair growth. We also have a special suction tool that stimulates hair follicles and it’s fantastic. The hair loss treatment takes about 12 weeks and has amazing results. The best thing about it is that it is all natural.
Moreover, we have micro cameras that track the progress of hair growth from the day you start to the end of the treatment. The difference from day 1 to week 12 is astounding.

How vital is a good diet for healthy hair?

The diet is key to healthy hair. The beautiful thing about Miami is that it is a very health conscious city. We have juice bars popping up all over the place, and more restaurants now acknowledge the importance of proper nutrition. Daily intake of vitamins is not only important for overall health, but also for great
skin and hair.

What do you like the most about South Beach?

I love the vibe here in South Beach. It has its own style. You can see a woman from Paris or a woman from New York, and it would be hard to pinpoint where exactly she’s from. But when you see a woman from Miami, you know that she’s from here. South Beach is a sexy melting pot of Europe and South America.
South Beach is a mecca for beautiful people, gorgeous beaches, unique fashion, and a great nightlife scene.


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