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Mothers day “all women are unique” blindfold challenge

We just love the new gemstone Pandora campaign for this mothers day. Celebrate the Woman in your heart! Do you think that a child could find his/her mother blindfolded? Watching this video brought tears to my eyes. Pandora gathered children 3-9 years old to find their mother blindfolded just by touch, smell and shape.

What a sweet experiment- the result is beautiful we were smitten by this video!


The kids needed to utilize their intuition and instinct to discover their one and only they accepted to be their mother. Tension, adoration and a touch of sincere tears filled the room as kids from the age of 3-9 attempted and succeed in discovering the unrivaled. I was so touched viewing the children take off their blindfolds and see how they always made the right choice- to who was their mum. So astounding!

This proofs- that intuition above all, goes beyond pure vision. Ones external aspect triggers waves of energy beyond matter- resulting in ultimately fundamental energy of ourselves. We are perceived at all times as a combination of touch, smell- aspect- that makes us unique to others. All transforms to awareness of all and virtually everything. This also takes us to the notion of the bond between two people, or the sensation of not getting lost in distance and time.

In our day to day lives we most grown-ups don’t realise the impact of presence, and tone – the waves of pure energy that is released through this and how it affects others. Our combined sense actions trigger an immense wave that has been studied by scientists- resulting our opposite to react in a certain way- its seems like telepathy.

This mothers day, celebrate the energy of an indescribable bond you can create with another person- just by the way you connect with people- Allow yourself to create this unique mother-child relationship

“Start with loving yourself – and others will follow – to find your true you.”

Text by : Claudia Trimde



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