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Naomi Campbell Birthday Celebration in Entire French Castle

Naomi Campbell Birthday Celebration

The Grand, Rose Petal Entrance

The Grand, Rose Petal Entrance

Naomi Campbell Commissions Entire French Castle during Cannes Film Festival to Celebrate Her 45th BirthdayBy Le CITY Deluxe Brand Ambassador, Derek H. Sparks.  In this day and age, for many people, life begins at 40, although for legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell, turning 45 appears to be the best year of all. On 23rd May 2015, I attended the epic birthday celebration held in a 15-bedroom French castle located in the tucked-away village of Saint-Jeannet in the Côte d’Azur.

Some attendees elected to helicopter from Cannes to the castle – known as Chateau Saint Jeannet – while others chose to make a grand entrance through two towering walls of red roses, passing by a swimming pool filled with colossal silver baubles, and sauntering down the red carpet – castle-style – posing for photos against a backdrop consisting entirely of magazine covers featuring Naomi herself.

The celebrities, jet setters, models, and other VIPs who attended the birthday bash included Leonardo DiCaprio, Jacqueline Fernandez, Mary J. Blige, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid. The night began in a large promenade where guests sipped Jacquart champagne and cocktails, and enjoyed a delectable buffet against the backdrop of an Ibiza DJ. The celebration then moved on to another promenade located under one of the castle’s majestic towers where some danced to the pulsating sounds of another DJ while others mixed and mingled some more.

The highlight of the evening was the live performance of Mary J. Blige, a close friend of Naomi. Mary J. sang her own “happy birthday” to the supermodel, saying to her, “You are one of the most beautiful women to walk the Earth, and I am honored to be your friend and know you.” Following the birthday wishes from Mary J., Naomi was surprised and thrilled with the grand entrance of a towering, lavish blackberry and raspberry birthday cake covered with delectable macaroons. Guests then continued the celebration into the early hours of the morning.

No celebration is truly momentous without a little controversy. According to an unnamed representative of Naomi, in order to attend the birthday bash, some non-celebrity guests were required to contribute $1,800 to Naomi’s charity. Naomi’s spokesperson, on the other hand, explains: “Some guests were invited to make a donation to her charity, Fashion for Relief, in conjunction with their attendance.” In any event, those who made the $1,800 donation should feel quite fortunate – the castle costs approximately $150,000 for a weeklong stay.

Naomi and Leo Share a Moment

Naomi and Leo Share a Moment

Le CITY Deluxe Magazine Brand Ambassador, Derek Sparks

Le CITY Deluxe Magazine Brand Ambassador, Derek Sparks


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