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Munich’s nightlife is as excitingly bipolar as everything else about this city, with choices ranging from a knees-up in a traditional beer hall to sharing the dancefloor of an über-contemporary club with many of the country’s biggest celebrities, or enjoying a world-class cultural evening enjoying the classical works of great German composers such as Wagner.

But Le CITY Deluxe has found a club where you can do more than just dance. Die Registratur is a club located in the centre of Munich. This is a place where you have a lot of options.

Die Registratur is a location for small alternative movie screenings, literary discussion panels, and other such cultural events. Regular party goers will know that at weekends Die Registratur is also a nightclub playing electronic music. They also have a lot of live acts.

One half of the creators and managers of this venue is American. David B. Walker came from South Dakota to Munich 12 years ago to work as an architect. He now works full time on this nightclub. It´s a retro-modern disco gallery wrapped in wooden panels. There´s a lot of space and in the middle of the room you will see one giant disco ball. People of Munich get immersed in various sorts of music.

The Die Registratur’s logo is very creative, the random dots are supposed to represent the tape code that was used in the very first computing machines. Die Registratur, as its name suggests, was previously a registration office. In the early 50’s they used these primitive mechanical computers to crunch their data.

Blumenstrasse 28, 80331 Munich, Germany, T +49 892 388 7758, Opening Hours: Call to enquire




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