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This year is focused much more on the creative execution

In 2013, Fawaz Gruosi celebrated the 20th Anniversary of de Grisogono. Since the brand's creation, he has raised it to the rank of one of the most famous international luxury brands of its generation with passion, creativity and innovation. de Grisogono has been loyal to its unique elegant, graceful style continuing to do so by introducing new innovative models at Baselworld 2014. This year de Grisogono focused all of its new products on the feminine segment with the arrival of the Allegra timepiece, a collection complementing the already existing jewelry line. Fawaz Gruosi, founder and president of the brand, tells Le CITY deluxe what to watch out for this season.

 Tell us what de Grisogono is going to dazzle its clients with this year?

As usual, we released 5 new collections, along with 2 existing ones with some new added models. This year we didn’t release any watches for men so attention is all on the ladies. We have made two models of exquisite women’s timepieces. The first watch is  a part of the Allegra collection. It’s an incredible watch which we believe is going to be very successful, and then we have another timepiece which is quite expensive. It is surrounded with a lot of diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. Moreover, as expected of the brand, we have something totally insane. It’s a there is a watch which is quite big and in shape of a skull. It’s going to be covered in white diamonds and black diamonds.

 Why does your focus lie solely on the ladies? Why not appease both genders this season?

I love women. But the main reason why we have shifted our attention is because our men’s collection is already quite extensive and so I thought this year we do things differently. I think the new models are going to be quite trendy and unexpected, because people usually expect the same from me. This line was not very obvious. Next year we will release something for men.

 You are notorious for utilizing black diamonds in your pieces. Are we going to see a lot of that this year?

There are no specific stones as I am working with materials that are available in the market. What you will see this year is focused much more on the creative execution rather than just a specific material. It’s not easy to find material that have not been used, but by the end of this year we will come up with something using a material that has not been widely put to use.

 Baselworld is a great event to meet your customers from all over the world. In which market do you think you will be more in demand? 

de Grisogono has been very fortunate to have customers from all over the world, so when we are present at Baselworld, we have noticed that people from different countries come to view our collections. Be it United States, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan. All of those clients are at Basel where they make an order for the next 12 months. Moreover, each country is different and has different demands. It’s hard to compare these markets because their requirements are very unique. For example, you cannot compare Moscow to Rome,since transactions taking place are not the same. Russians tend to purchase more expensive lines while Italian and the French, acquire lines with a more modest price tag.

 Since you have recently opened a boutique in Miami, share your thoughts on the Florida market. What has your experience been like? 

It is hard to evaluate the market with the newly opened boutique. The first three months have been challenging, however in September of last year the sales have exploded and our South Florida store has outdone many others.

 Who purchases more in South Florida: Locals or tourists?

Locals do purchase but there are also a lot of foreigners from South America, Arab Emirates, Russia. The whole world comes to Miami. de Grisogono’s prices are the same throughout the world, what’s different are the taxes in each country, so some people would prefer to do a purchase elsewhere just for that reason.

Interview by Claudia Trimde


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