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On December 20 2013, Odubers made their grand debut in the USA. The luxury Italian accessories brand presented their collection of handbags for the first time in Miami at N’Namdi Contemperary Gallery

Designers Marvin and Monika Odubèr discovered a gap between what is being sold as luxury and what they believe it to be. They are driven to produce the finest handbags and show the world what true luxury is. “Nowadays luxury has become more of a reference to the price points at which they are sold than the actual value of the materials used”

Odubèrs aims to bring back luxury as they see it by using rare materials that are challenging to craft, while remaining environmentally conscious. In a world encompassed by branding, the Odubèrs strive to be more than just a brand, but a quality product. Each bag has been manufactured by the best artisans of Italy and made of the most exclusive Italian leathers.

The brand’s accessories are rooted in the traditional Italian craftsmanship.  Although manufacturing in Tuscany is expensive, the creation of style is prevalent everywhere.  The culture, landscape and artistry are distinctively stylish, sophisticated and elegant which is simply unrivaled anywhere else in the world.  With this, the Odubèrs mix quality and design to create a product like no other.

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Photography by Stephane Chiche  


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