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Established in 1983 in Geneva, Charriol has gained its notoriety on the luxury market through its signature cable jewelry and exquisite design. Le City Deluxe met with the founder of the brand, Philippe Charriol to talk about business, jewelry and everything in between.

[widgetic-mosaic-gallery id=5ab14073ecb2a1f80b8b456b autoscale=on width=560 height=355 resize=fill-width] "I am a niche in terms of the products I do". Philippe Charriol 

Mr. Charriol, could you tell our readers what the real essence of the Charriol brand is?

It is a family brand. I started it 30 years ago and it is still totally controlled by me. I had the vision of starting an international company and I looked for a couple of years for something completely unique and I discovered remnants of metal jewelry made over 200 thousand years ago at the British Museum. From those I got the inspiration to use metallic props and steel to create bracelets for watches and jewelry. And still today my brand is known around the world for using steel cable bracelets and cable jewelry. So we are today a worldwide brand, we have over a hundred boutiques and tellers around the world, not counting those in China, which are over 200. The brand is very well known in Asia, in the Middle East as well as North America and in Europe, mostly Germany and Switzerland.

How important is the North American market to Charriol?

The North American market is the best market for Charriol, we have over 250 selling points in the USA and Canada. I have been living in New York for many years, so the market there is very important to us. Currently, Le City Deluxe USA is headquartered in Miami.

How do you think Florida as a region differs from the other parts of North

Florida receives a great influx of people from South America and Central America and when a brand is known in South America and North America then a lot of customers go to Florida and buy in Florida very often and they keep the merchandise in Florida; it is safer than to take it back to South America.

So would you say you first have to be in Latin America to sell to Florida or the other way around?

I think it is about fifty-fifty: 50% of the people are in retirement and with money- lots of people retire in Florida from America. And the other 50% are consumers from either South or Central America or from Europe. I can see already from your stand, you have a very futuristic vision. Yes, we bet on the technology and we have a very interactive booth. It is very rewarding for us, we received a lot of components, the people were moving and they were attracted by what we do which is normally quite rare here.

Would we be able to see that reflected in your designs at all, in the future?

I think I do not want to go too crazy with designs. I am a niche in terms of the products I do, so I do not want to be the niche of the niche. Also, I am sure that if you go too crazy or you do something too ahead of your time, it is not very palpable; people are still very conservative in their choices.



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