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"The essence and value of the brand is to create the best watches possible with quality finishing". Pierre Jacques 


Jacques holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations and in 2000 he co-founded GMT magazine. Since January 2010, he had been serving as Branch Manager of Les Ambassadeurs Genève, and he also headed the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix as director of the organizing company.


It is through drawing inspiration from centuries of history as well as an artistic and horological culture that De Bethune uses state-of-the-art technologies to create timepieces in which aesthetic and technical aspects merge into a unique whole, and form meets function. All in pursuit of a subtle balance between simplicity, readability and chronometer - worthy precision.

Le City Deluxe had the pleasure of interviewing the Chief Executive Officer of De Bethune, Pierre Jacques:

What is the essence of your company?

The essence and value of the brand is to create the best watches possible with quality finishing.

What does De Bethune mean?

The reason that the company is named as such is because De Bethune was a famous watchmaker of the 18th century. Chevalier de Bethune was a nobleman who is credited with inventing several mechanisms in watchmaking. He was rich enough not to work for a living and lived solely to create watches. This is how
we want to run our company. We want to make watches, not for the sake of earning money. That is why we do not mass produce.

Have you been with the brand since the beginning?

No. I became the CEO of De Bethune in March 2011. David Zanetta, President of the Board of Directors and the co-founder, Denis Flageollet, Director of Productions, appointed me as the Chief Executive officer.

What is the typical De Bethune clientele?

The typical client of De Bethune is someone who knows his or her watches. Someone who knows what the craft of watchmaking is about. A collector, or someone who appreciates good quality timepieces.

Where in South Florida can De Bethune timepieces be purchased?

In South Florida, De Bethune watches could be purchased in Boca Raton, in a retail boutique called Les Bijoux.



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