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Fasten your seat belts. This is no ordinary truck story. Imagine Volvo´s FH on a road trip through Europe-on board Mapei (a top singer from Sweden who landed the hit “Don´t wait”) with her friend and director Liza Minou Morberg and of course “Epic split” driver Jens Karlsson. All of them are out on a mission to drive 4000 km from Sweden to Italy and along the way produce Mapei´s new Music video for the upcoming single  “Million Ways to Live”.Enjoy this trailer:

Enjoy this trailer:



Like on any road trip you expect, that things not always go as planned. But one thing is sure- the VOLVO FH- is the clear star of this 8 episode online reality TV series airing on Youtube. Who would have thought that the ever so cool Jens Karlsson could get him to dance on two- wheels in Berlin in episode three- trust me a stunt that will have your heart jump.

Mapei- “I love to travel and to get the opportunity to meet new people and cultures. And that is also what ‘Million Ways To Live’ is about – the freedom to be out on the road. It is the ultimate song for a road trip”.

Crossing 6 countries, the first 2 episodes get the “Reality Roadtrip” started- setting the mood for more adventures to come. In Episode 1 our VOLVO FH gets on a ferry to Poland where the girls improvise a drag queen concert.



While in Episode 2 director Liza has her way with the locals- or maybe not- I guess not all understand her creative “dancing” vision.

Great job Volvo marketing team! This promises to be yet another marketing stunt. We love how you put your trucks into unexpected test situation along with a star struck cast. Entertainment that will have the viewers hold on to their seats….especial in this episode 3 our favorite.



Text by Claudia Trimde


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