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What has one of the worlds most prestigious whiskeys and powerful horses in common? – Power and Grace. After watching this movie- you will share Neil Macdonal´s, Global Brand Director for Royal Salute explanation: “Power and Grace perfectly sum up the style of Royal Salute whisky and extend to create an engaging story about powerful bond between man and horse.”

Today; Royal Salute, the whisky that commences where others end, debuts a beautiful short film incented by the world of horsemanship, which will be hosted on the web and shared world wide. The movie is the first instalment in a series to be produced by Royal Salut entitled Stories of Power and Grace, and will center on FacundoPieres and Jean-Francois Pignon, who at first look to be at opposite ends of the equine spectrum.

On one side Jean-Francois Pignon is a horse whisperer from countryside France, respected for spell-binding performances with his astonishing stable. On the other side Facundo Pieres, one of the world’s greatest polo players, travels the world with his ponies competing in the planet’s most incredible polo competitions. As they describe their lives and drive, the viewers will recognize a mutual bond and shared spirit that encapsulates their different worlds, a passion for the power, grace and natural wonder of the horse.

Facundo Pieres, Global Polo Ambassador for Royal Salute World Polo remarked: “This is a great new way for Royal Salute to communicate. They took two very different men and their relationship with their horses – a horse whisperer from France, and me. We’ve just been shooting some slow-motion imagery. When you capture a polo horse in slow motion, it looks amazing. These animals are superbly trained and well looked after and in close-up slow motion you can really see what beautiful athletes they are. You can see their speed, power and strength but also their grace, balance and elegance.”

Royal Salute has created The Stories of Power and Grace series to enhance the connection between this extraordinary whisky and the wonderful characters within the equine world; a world at the heart of Royal Salute. The movie will channel the philosophy of the brand through a new medium – a completely different approach for Royal Salute engaging a more substantial target audience and giving the campaign worldwide recognition.

Royal Salute is considered the world’s superior Scotch whisky brand, with a number of luxury blended whiskies matured for at least 21 years. The story commences 1953 to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, Royal Salute’s signature style is the mixture of power and grace – a style revealed and upheld by Colin Scott and legacy of the three Master Blenders who preceded him since 1953. Power and grace not only defines the style, richness and complexity of Royal Salute whiskies, but also the character of the brand confirmed by its support of the honourable sport of polo. At present, Royal Salute is a leading international supporter of polo through its Royal Salute World Polo platform, conducting prestigious events all around Asia, the Americas and Europe, presenting some of the world’s best polo players.

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