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Paolo Barone’s sense of style and his passion for couture runs in his blood. Born and raised in Italy, young Ba-rone remembers the days spent with his father at the local tailor shop, watching couturier work his magic. The sound of the sewing machine mesmerized him. That fasci-nation stuck with Paolo Barone well into his adulthood. Arriving in Miami 15 years ago, Barone saw a growing trend for custom-made suiting and saw the opportunity to get involved in the niche. Le CITY deluxe spoke to the suit master to get insight on what makes his garments stand out.

An Italian in Miami – your custom-made suits certainly fill a niche in this tropical city. Is this an opportunity or are you working against the Odds? 

Certainly an opportunity! Miami is a place where people want to look good and they will spend the money. They want clothes that fit the body. There are a lot of professionals who have to wear suits because of what they do, and there are a lot of men who don’t need to wear a suit but still want to look sharp. That’s where a well-made tailored sport jacket comes into play. Sport jackets are great for going out to dinner or out with friends or out on the town because they work well with jeans and casual pants. You can get really creative with the patterns and colors. Anything is possible.

What makes your garments special? 

Old World construction and amazing details you won’t find on the rack or with my compe-titors. Fine materials. I source my fabrics from the best mills in the world, like Zegna, Lora Piana and Ariston to name a few. Moreover, it’s the exceptional customer service. We go to our client’s home or office, whichever is most convenient for them, and advise them on cuts, pattern, colors and the details. We always make sure the client has a unique tailoring experience unlike anything he’s experienced. And of course, they get the Italian touch! Being from Italy, a sense of style is instilled in us at an early age. That to me is a positive because it allows me to dress my clients with care and confidence, making sure they always make a bella figura, as we say in Italy. That means ‘always giving a good impression.’ That remains a tradition in the Italian way of living and a standard I have for myself and for my clients.

Do you see the trend shift towards more athletic or classic outfits?

No matter sport or classic, the trend is ab-solutely toward customization. In America we are seeing Italian-influenced elements steadily gaining traction with the American man. They are interested in wearing suits, but more impor-tantly, custom suits, where their money goes a long way than buying boxy, off-the-rack suits.

Who are your clients? 

My clientele extends from South Beach to Palm Beach. They are professionals, athletes, CEOs, lawyers, accountants, financial profes-sionals, bankers and stylish men in general who want to make a statement with what they wear.

Tailor made is a novelty that is seeing rebirth. Why did you choose to focus on the niche rather than becoming the next Armani? 

I love “sculpting” suits for my clients. Every suit is unique and specifically made to comple-ment the client’s unique body type. Armani – or any other designer – creates for thousands of people and the suits are then parked in a store where you go and try on to see which one fits best. I create for the individual. 

What are your plans for the near future? 

Staying focused as I expand my brand. My goal is to become the #1 source for South Florida men to go to have their suits designed and created.



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