More than a critic’s choice top island, Puerto Rico is a top pick archipelago. Simply a few miles off the east drift are the island towns of Vieques and Culebra.

Both are world-class attractions. As per the the Guinness Book of World Records, Mosquito Bay in Vieques is the brightest bioluminescent bay on the planet. Culebra has Flamenco Beach, which The Discovery Channel named the second best shoreline you could visit.

They are the most hidden away, flawless towns in Puerto Rico. You could easily call Vieques and Culebra mysterious.

Only seven miles off the east shore of Puerto Rico lies Vieques, a provincial island must see of lavish mangroves and woods, ideal shorelines and a gleam oblivious amphibian marvel of the world.

Vieques is tenderly referred to in Puerto Rico as Isla Nena (“Baby Girl Island”) and is adored by local people and guests. Loosen up, ease off to island time, and indulge swimming and snorkeling from beach to beach.

Only 21 miles in length by 5 miles wide, Vieques has just two little spots: Isabel II, where the ships dock, and Esperanza, a beachfront with a promenade, interesting guesthouses, and restaurants.

Over the last 50 years the United States Navy has assumed an imperative part in forming Vieques, keeping it undeveloped. Hence, the island has remained an unblemished heaven for guests to investigate and appreciate.

Top Attractions

Mosquito Bay

Vieques’ crown gem is Mosquito Bay, perceived as the brightest bio bay by the Guinness Book of World Records. A visit to this uncommon biological community is a life-changing experience as guests can kayak or take an electric barge pontoon out into the bay to watch the encompassing water sparkle neon green once the sun sets.

Vieques Wildlife National Refuge

The eastern shore of Vieques contains the biggest national untamed life asylum in the Caribbean, covering 50% of the island. While you are there, you can day trek and hop from beach to beach to enjoy mind boggling white sands and crystalline waters.

Esperanza & Sunbay Beach

Esperanza is the island’s top beachfront along Sunbay, Vieques’ premier beach is open to everyone and marked with the Blue Flag- which stands for being an environmentally-friendly beach.

Fuerte El Conde Mirasol

The fort could be called Vieques’ cultural gem. It is situated right on top of the Isabel II  hill and offers incredible surrounding perspectives of the island.

Ceiba Tree

Vieques is covered with ceiba (silk cotton) trees. Ask a local and they will direct you to the Mosquito Pier. There you will find one more than 300 years of age and presumably the most photogenic plant on the island.


Puerto Rico may be known for its sunny climate. However there’s still a lot to do when the Sun goes down.

Depending upon your temperament, there are numerous approaches to have the night of your life in Puerto Rico. On the off chance that the soul moves you to move, San Juan is overflowing with clubs that play everything from live salsa to the best Djs in the Caribbean. In case you’re in a smooth state of mind, you could take a seat for mixed drinks made with the best rum on the planet. Furthermore in case you’re feeling fortunate, the casino is constantly open.

How to get there:

Both Vieques Airport (VQS) and Cuelebra Airport (CPX) can be reached through flights from Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU), or the more secluded Isla Grande Airport (SIG) in San Juan, and the new Ceiba Airport (RVR) on the east coast.

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