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Malafeev has a long and distinguished career outside of football, and now it’s time to shine a light on this side of the popular player’s life. This very  accomplished Russian goalkeeper is a successful businessman and a long-standing participant in the stock market. We had a few questions  for Malafeev which he was happy to answer for us.

Vyacheslav, not many people know that you tried your luck in business. Your own advertising agency has been operating now for over a year.  Tell us a little bit about this project.

Not long ago I preferred not to announce my business projects. The reason for this was that for me it’s more like a hobby. While playing football I understood that I need projects on the side that can be interesting without taking too much from my personal time. I have a great team of specialists and I play the part of the guy who has the ideas and makes the final decisions. Now, we mostly organize events for famous people and big clients. In the future, the project will develop and grow and, we hope to attract more media people to participate in our advertising campaigns.

Alina Dyachenko, Vyacheslav Malafeev

What other business plans do you have for the near future?

I plan to open an online store soon, where we are going to sell football equipment, and a little bit down the road, equipment from my own brand. Also, I have a real estate business; a skill I learned from my own experiences as an estate buyer. I  want to share my knowledge with clients, to help  in choosing and give advice about possibilities in the future that could go wrong.   Everything that I do in business is in some way related to my personal experience.

Alina Dyachenko

You actively make investments and participate in the stock market, quite unusual activities for a football player.  

Five years ago I started to look into and got interested in this area, learning the specialized literature and trying my luck. I got into the game during the most risky period – the beginning of the 2008 crisis – with a small amount of money and ended up losing quite a lot. However, I acquired a lot of experience. In the end, the stock market started to draw me in so deep that I found myself spending way too much time on it and had to stop, waiting until the moment when the revenue would equal the investment; now, I’ve  been playing the part of the observer for one and  a half years. I look out for the right moment and opportunity to make a move in the big leagues of investment.

Malafeev, Alina Dyachenko

You also play the role of movie producer. Not long ago, the movie “All life in gloves” was released, which starred some famous goalkeepers. For the Moscow 2018 World Cup you  are preparing some documentaries and feature  films about football.

It all started from the idea of writing a book  about goalkeepers, a kind of textbook for beginner  players, and that turned into a documentary. As casting for the film, we invited football stars like Iker Casillas, Van Der Sar, Buffon, etc. It turned out to be a top quality production. Following which we are going to create more films about sports. Our final goal is to popularize football in Russia for the World Cup 2018.

Vyacheslav Malafeev

Let’s drop the professional talk. How do you like to spend your free time?

In December, my family and I prefer to spend quiet holidays in Dubai and Maldives. There is a wonderful environment for the kids, there – comfortable weather and an enjoyable atmosphere. Everything that makes you forget about the  harsh weather conditions in the Northern capital  and the crazy hustle and bustle of megalopolis





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